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Zipper Sailors Knot

Zipper Sailors Knot

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Sailor’s Knot
This design features two intertwined ropes and may have been created by sailors during their long voyages as a means of remembering their loved ones. The Sailor’s knot is symbolic of friendship, affection, harmony and love. Although it is a relatively simple knot to tie, it happens to be one of the strongest.



This is a RETAIL for #5 Nylon Zipper Pulls. Retail processing time can be found in the Terms and Conditions and our Facebook page for current processing times.

The items in this collection were made by Chic Geek Designs and are exclusive to our group!  

All Zipper Pulls in this collection are made for true #5 Nylon Zipper Tape.  

A quantity of 1 = 1 zipper pull


Unless noted designs are the new design version 

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